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It's Just Like a Book

We are all expected to know, in this day and age how to use a computer, tablet, smart

Technology has its' own language and there's lots to learn. Not everyone finds it "easy".

I wanted to share with you how I helped an older friend (I don't think she'd mind me saying that) to setup her very first laptop.

My goodness she was so excited but also very apprehensive and fearful of breaking it, or someone or something getting into it!

This was a while ago now but something I always think about when helping clients or friends with technology.

We turned on the laptop, went through the usual setups before landing on the home page.

I could see she was dazzled by the bright lights, like a startled deer in headlights.

I wanted to keep things simple for her in the beginning so as not to confuse her too much, I removed shortcuts from the home page and kept to the basics of what she needed.

My friend was still looking very perplexed though, so I said "it's just like a book" you click to open, turn a page, bookmark by saving, then you can open another program/app....

As an avid reader, this analogy made sense to my friend and that was it for her. The penny dropped, and she was away. Confidently Jumped into Excel, wanting to have a play and to try and make a personal budget.

It was so great to watch her get it - opening a new Excel workbook, and then a Sheet within that workbook, which really is just like an actual book, clicking pages, rather than flicking the pages.

Closing the book or clicking the "X" to exit. But don't forget your bookmark - your save button - otherwise you've lost your place and may have to start again.

So, if you have a client or friend who is challenged with tech, maybe try this analogy out - It's just like a book.

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