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What is a bookkeeper?

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

A question I often get asked is "what is a bookkeeper?"

A bookkeeper is someone who helps businesses to maintain their financial records and accounts on a regular basis, allowing the business owner to have up-to-date information at their fingertips. This also frees up the business owners time, relieves stress around having to do it themselves and provides a valuable level of knowledge and expertise within the business.

I once told someone I was a bookkeeper and they responded by saying they thought that a bookkeeper was someone who took bets on races at the TAB!

It is not!

To further describe for people outside of the profession what a bookkeeper is, I often use analogies to help them understand.

As a car owner, you will take your car to a motor mechanic for a service or a warrant of fitness. Taking your business accounts to a qualified bookkeeper to take care of your accounts and get them ready for the end of year tax obligations is similar.

Business owners go into business because they are good in their chosen profession. They are usually passionate about their business and about being a business owner but not always aware of the all the financial and accounting obligations required to be successful. Hiring a qualified bookkeeper to assist with the processing of filing the different tax obligations throughout the year, such as GST and PAYE, will help, with the added benefit o having up to date and accurate financial information.

In a second analogy, you register with a doctor for your own health and the health of your family and registering with a qualified bookkeeper works in the same way for the health of your business.

By employing/engaging a Certified Bookkeeper, the business owner will free up their own time to enable them to do what they do best, work in and grow their own business.

Experienced bookkeepers are usually very passionate about what they do and will always be an asset to any business they work with.

My recommendation is to find a bookkeeper that will fit your business!

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